Built-in high sensitivity Hall-effect sensor
H-Bridge MOS driver output
Output BTL soft-switching to reduce vibration and acoustic noise
Lock-shutdown protection & auto-restart function
Thermal shutdown protection
Available in SIP-4L package
For 5V BLDC motor / FAN systems
General Description
FD0257H is a LV single-phase full-wave DC motor driver with embedded Hall-effect sensor IC. It integrates a H-bridge MOS driver, a high sensitivity hall-effect sensor, an event timer for rotor locked in SIP-4L package, which make the motors’ PCBs(printed circuit boards) design easy and fabricate the high efficiency DC motors or FANs as simply as possible. 
For safety, Lock-shutdown function would turn the IC’s internal drivers off avoiding over-heat when the rotor is locked, and IC will try to re-start the rotor’s torque after the time of these drivers’ shutdown. 
Thermal-shutdown protection(TSD) ensures the internal drivers of IC are operating under a safe operating temperature range. 
All the protection mechanisms mentioned above combine to provide a complete protecting scenario in the motor system and avoid any possible damages and guarantee under a correct and safe operation.