Peak Output Current of ±500mA (MAX)
Unity Gain Buffer Capable of Driving Large Capacitive Loads
Input Range Matched to LCD Reference Requirements
Rail-to-Rail Input / Output
VDD Specified for 4.5V to 16V
Thermal Fault Protection
SOT23-5 (SOT25), SOT23-6 (SOT26) and TSOT23-6 (TSOT26) Package
General Description
The AAT7206A is a rail-to-rail buffer amplifier designed for thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD). The AAT7206A has high slew rate, over 500mA peak-to-peak current to drive heavy capacitive loads and provides fast load current.
AAT7206A comes in a compact SOT23-5 (SOT25), SOT23-6 (SOT26) and TSOT23-6 (TSOT26) package, which makes it an ideal component for space-sensitive designs of LCD monitors and LCD-TVs.