4 Full-Swing/Constant Voltage Drivers Controlled by Serial Input with Brake Function
2 Constant Current Drivers for Shutter or IRIS
Internal Power MOSFET Switch RDSON
▪Upper on Resistance: 0.7Ω
▪Lower on Resistance: 0.5Ω
Output Current:IOUT≦0.8A(max.) for Each Channel
Thermal Shutdown
Constant Current Mode Weak Excitation
CH1/2 Supports Stepping Motor Control of 2-2 Phase or 1-2 Phase
CH13/23 Provides the Combination Control Setting of CH6 in Exclusive Control Mode
Independent Power Supply Pins (VCC, VM12, VM3, VM45) for Motor Drivers and Logic
Power Save Mode Controlled by Serial Input
3 Photo Sensor Driving Transistors Incorporated
UVLO (Under Voltage Lockout Protection) Available in WQFN32-4 x 4 Package
General Description
AAT6951 integrates 5+1 H-bridge channels and three photo sensor driving transistor to provide highly efficient motor-driving solution for digital still cameras. These multiple channels include four Constant-voltage/Full-swings H-bridge channels and two Constant-current/Full-swings H-bridge channels. The AAT6951 is capable of driving DC motors, Stepping motors, Shutter, and IRIS motors according to the serial control signal generated by CPU. The AAT6951 also features fault protection such as UVLO and Thermal Shutdown.