Complete Power Management
Automatic Input Voltage Selection
Input Voltage Source Detector with Hysteresis
250-mA Load Current Capability with VCC50 or VSB50 or AUX33 Input Source
Integrated Low rDS(on) Switch
Dual Regulated Output 3.3V (fixed) & 2.5V (fixed)
Output Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
General Description

The AAT1201 is a multi-input low-dropout regulator (LDO) designed for LAN card. It provides dual constant output supply 3.3V & 2.5V at the output capable of driving a 250mA load. The output (OUT25) can be disabled by connecting EN25 pin to GND.
The AAT1201 provides dual regulated power output for systems with multiple input sources and require dual constant voltage source with a low-dropout voltage. This is an intelligent power source selection device with a LDO regulator for either VCC50 or VSB50 inputs, and a low-resistance bypass switch for the AUX33 input.
The AAT1201 allows transitions to progress smoothly from one input supply to another without generating a glitch outside of the specified range of the 3.3V & 2.5V output. The device is equipped with an incorporated reverse-blocking scheme to prevent excess leakage from the input terminals in the event when the output voltage is greater than the input voltage.
The input voltage is prioritized in the following order: VCC50, VSB50, and AUX33.