Boost PWM with Internal NMOS
Wide PWM Dimming Range:100Hz to 200kHz
2.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) Protection
Internal Over Voltage and Thermal Protection
Internal Soft-Start
Fixed Switching Frequency: 1.3MHz
0.1μA Shutdown Current
TSOT-23-6, SOT-23-6 and VSON8-3 x 3 package
General Description

The AAT15071 is a boost DC-DC converter for white LEDs. Series connection of the LEDs allows consistent LED currents, which is essential for uniform brightness, and eliminates the need for ballast resistors. The 20V over voltage comparator can also be used to prevent output open-circuit, caused by bond wire breakages.
The AAT15071 switches at 1.4MHz. Optional external components may also be added if required. The optimized input/output capacitor and a low feedback voltage to minimize power loss in current-setting resistor make AAT15071 a power-smart solution.  
The AAT15071 is available in a space-saving TSOT23-6 (TSOT26), SOT23-6 (SOT26) and VSON8
package, which are ideal for portable applications.

Cell Phones
Small LCD Displays