Boost PWM with Internal NMOS
Wide PWM Dimming Range:100Hz to 200kHz
2.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) Protection
Internal Over Voltage and Thermal Protection
Internal Soft-Start
Fixed Switching Frequency: 1.4MHz
0.1μA Shutdown Current
General Description
The AAT15061 is a boost DC-DC converter for white LED applications. This powerful device is equipped with an internal MOSFET capable of supporting up to 13 3.2V/20mA LEDs.  Additionally, the current-setting resistor between the FB pin and GND pin maintains consistent LED currents essential for uniform brightness. 
With a fixed high operation frequency of 1.4MHz, the device design allows the use of smaller external components and saves PCB size. The AAT15061 also features an internal soft-start mechanism to effectively reduce inrush current, and a fool-proof 44V OVP protection function to prevent misuse. The AAT15061 is available in space-saving TSOT23-6 (TSOT26) and SOT23-6 (SOT26) packages ideal for the portable backlighting applications.
Cell Phones
Small LCD Displays