Up to 95% Efficiency
2.5V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
1.8MHz Switching Frequency
25μA Ultra Low Sleep Mode Quiescent (AAT7368/AAT7368B)
<1μA Shutdown Current
Internal Compensation Circuit
500μs Soft Start Period
160 Built-in Thermal Shutdown Protection
General Description
The AAT7368/AAT7368A/AAT7368B device is a 1.8MHz, high efficiency, dual channel synchronous buck regulator incorporating both light load mode and PWM mode operation (AAT7368/AAT7368B only). A pure PWM mode is also achieved in this device (AAT7368A).
With an automatic light load mode / PWM mode switching mechanism, the AAT7368/AAT7368B device provides 80% efficiency under light load operation and up to 90% efficiency during heavy load condition.
The featured input voltage range of AAT7368/AAT7368A/AAT7368B provides flexibility for different applications.
The AAT7368/AAT7368A/AAT7368B is implemented in a WSON10L-3x3 package.
Portable Navigation Device
Digital Photo Frame
Digital Still Camera