4A, 0.2Ω, Internal Switch
High Efficiency: 90%
Adjustable Output: VDD to 20V
Adjustable Frequency: 640kHz or 1.2MHz
Wide Input Range: +2.6V to +5.5V
Programmable Soft-Start
VSON10L-3 x 3 Package Available
General Description
The AAT1112 is a step-up DC-DC converter with a 4A, 0.2Ω internal switch. Equipped with an external compensation pin, this device offers user flexibility in determining loop dynamic and adjusting operating frequency. AAT1112 also allows the use of small, low equivalent resistance (ESR) ceramic output capacitor, and is capable of converting a standard input of 3.3V to multiple outputs of 8V, –8V, and 23V. Furthermore, filtering and loop performance are facilitated and enhanced by a high switching frequency of either 640kHz or 1.2MHz.
The AAT1112’s versatility comes with a power-smart design. A soft-start programmed with an external capacitor that sets the input current ramp rate and reduces inrush current. 
High switching frequency and economical design allow AAT1112 to be less than 1.1mm high. Its compact VSON10-3x3 package and superior performance make it an ideal part for biasing TFT displays.