Input Voltage: 2.8V to 5.5V
Current Mode Boost Regulator Output Range (8V to 18V)
Voltage Mode Inverter Controller Output Range (–8V to –18V)
Internal Soft-Start
Low Shut Down Current: <1µA
VGH Charge Pump up to 25V/30mA
VGL Charge Pump down to –25V/30mA
Boost with True Shutdown
Short Circuit and Under Voltage Protect
Thermal Protect
WQFN 24L 4mm x 4mm
General Description

The AAT1156 adjustable multi-channel DC-DC converter with a 2A current limit supply has both a positive and negative regulated voltage. The positive output normally supplies +18V, the inverter delivers –18V while input voltage operating at 2.8V to 5.5V. Both converters operate at 1.2MHz switching frequency to reduce external component size. It also comprises the VGH regulation and VGL regulation for the use of panel systems.
Other features include short circuit protect, under voltage protect, and power good control function.

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