Up to 95% Efficient DC/DC Converter
I2C Control Interface
7-CH DC/DC with Integrated Power MOSFETs, Internal Frequency Compensation, and Pulse Skip Mode Function
6-CH Linear Regulators: 1 HVLDO, 4 LVLDO (for Memory Card, PLL, AFE, SYS), 1 RTCLDO
All Step-Up Converters with True Shutdown
Fixed 2MHz Operating Frequency for CH1, 2, 3, 4 (Motor, SYS, CORE, MEM) and 1MHz for CH5, 6, 7 (CCD+, CCD–, WLED).
CH2 Auto-Selected Buck or Boost for 2*AA or Li-Ion Application
CH7 Selectable Boost Type with WLED Open Protection or Current Regulation Type LED Driver
32 levels WLED Current Dimming Control
5 Built-in Power ON/OFF Sequence for CH1, 2, 3, 4, 10, (9, 11, 12)
Built-In Soft-Start Function.
I2C Interface (Supports Fast Mode)
CH1, 5, 6, 7 with Internal Feedback Resistors for Programmable Output Voltage
CH6 Can Choose External Feedback Path
CH1 Supports Dynamic Voltage Scaling
CH9, 12 LDO Output Voltage Programmed by I2C with Default Voltage Preset in Power Sequence
CH11 LDO Output Voltage Programmed by I2C. The Channel is Enabled by I2C and Supports Dynamic Voltage Scaling
Low Power Consumption in Sleep Mode
Built-In Over Load Protection (OLP) & Under Voltage Protection (UVP) & Over Voltage Protection (OVP) & Over Current Protection (OCP) & Over Temperature Protection (OTP) & VDDM and Battery UVLO Function & Battery OVP Function.
Built-In System Reset Function to Monitor Battery Voltage
WQFN40L 5mm x 5mm Package
General Description
The AAT7666 provides a complete power supply solution for digital cameras with I2C control interface. It optimizes performance, component counts, and size for 2-cell AA, 1-cell Li-Ion, and multi-battery designs. The AAT7666 includes 7 switching regulators and 6 LDOs. All converters are internally frequency compensated and provide complete protection functions that include over current, over load, under voltage, and over voltage protection. The step-up channels also feature True-Shutdown to minimize external component count.
DSC Power Supply