Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry
Input Voltage Range: 1.6V to 5.5V
Low Start-Up Voltage: 1.6V
Internal Soft-Start for All Channels
True Shutdown for CH2
Internal Compensation for CH3 and CH4
Overload Protection
Fixed 1MHz Switching Frequency
Compact 40-Pin 5mm x 5mm Thin QFN Package
General Description
The AAT7652 provides an integrated 5-channel pulse-width-modulation (PWM) solution and a low noise LDO for the power supply of DC-DC converter. This device improves performance and size when compared to conventional controllers in battery design. The AAT7652 has four current mode PWM converters and one voltage mode PWM converter. Each current-mode channel has on-chip synchronous power FETs. The five channels include:
CH1: Boost/buck DC-DC converter which can activate PWM function at 1.6V when it is configured as a boost converter.
CH2: Boost/buck selectable DC-DC converter.
CH3: Buck DC-DC converter.
CH4: Buck DC-DC converter.
CH5: HV boost DC-DC converter with internal power FET for the white LEDs.
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