Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry
Input Voltage Range: 2.6V to 5.5V
Independent On/Off Control for CH5, 6, 7
Internal Soft-Start for All Channels
True Shutdown for CH2
Internal Compensation for CH3 and CH4
Provide Negative Voltage to Enhance PMOS Gate Driving Capability
Overload Protection
Fixed 1MHz Switching Frequency
Load Disconnect PMOS for CH5
Compact 40-Pin 5*5 Thin QFN Package
General Description
The AAT7650B provides an integrated 7-channel pulse-width-modulation (PWM) solution and a low noise LDO for the power supply of DC-DC converter. This device improves performance and size compared to conventional controllers in battery design. The AAT7650B has six current mode PWM converters and one voltage mode PWM converter. Each current-mode channel has on-chip synchronous power FETs. The seven channels include:
CH1: Buck DC-DC converter.
CH2: Boost / Buck selectable DC-DC converter.
CH3: Buck DC-DC converter.
CH4: Buck DC-DC converter.
CH5: HV boost DC-DC converter with internal power FET for the CCD positive bias.
CH6: Inverting DC-DC converter for the CCD negative bias.
CH7: HV boost DC-DC converter with internal power FET for the white LEDs.
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