WLED Current Up to 30mA per String
Maximum 60 WLEDs
PWM Dimming Control from 100Hz to 10kHz
DC Dimming and Mix Dimming Control from 100Hz to 3.9kHz
AVDD Output Voltage Adjustable Up to 14.5V
Programmable Soft-Start
Fault and Thermal Protection
Adjustable Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
GPM Controller
35V High Voltage Switch for VGH
Negative LDO Driver for Gate-Low Supply
VCOM Operational Amplifier
WQFN 40L-5 x 5 Package
General Description

The AAT1270 is a single-chip solution for TFT LCD panel application. It contains multi-channel TFT LCD power solution that provides a step-up PWM controller, LDO driver’s one operational amplifier, voltage detector, low dropout linear regulator, one GPM controller up to 35V for TFT LCD display, and WLED backlight driver. It can drive 6-strings of WLEDs using current balance. The mismatch between each string current is within 2%. The maximum mismatch among each IC is 3%.
The AAT1270 contains an operational amplifier. In the short circuit condition, the operational amplifier is capable of sourcing ±200mA current. With the minimal external components, the AAT1270 offers a simple and economical solution for TFT LCD power.