PWM Dimming Control from 100Hz to 25kHz
AVDD Output Voltage Adjustable up to 14.5V
Programmable Soft-Start
Fault and Thermal Protection
Adjustable Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
GPM Controller
35V High Voltage Switch for VGH
Negative LDO Driver for Gate-Low Supply
VCOM Operational Amplifier
VQFN 40L-5 x 5 Package
General Description
The AAT1262 is a single-chip solution for TFT LCD panel application. It contains multi-channel TFT LCD power solution that provides a step-up PWM controller, LDO driver’s one operational amplifier, voltage detector, low dropout linear regulator, one GPM controller up to 35V for TFT LCD display, and WLED backlight driver. It can drive 6-strings of WLEDs using current balance. The mismatch between each string current is within 2%. The maximum mismatch among each IC is 3%.
The AAT1262 contains an operational amplifier. In the short circuit condition, the operational amplifier is capable of sourcing ±200mA current. With the minimal external components, the AAT1262 offers a simple and economical solution for TFT LCD power.