3V to 6V Input Supply Voltage Range
640kHz/1.2MHz Selectable Frequency
Current Mode Boost Regulator Built-In 18V, 0.2Ω MOSFET 4A Current Limit Over-Voltage Protection
Negative Charge Pump UVP/SCP Protection
Positive Charge Pump Temperature Compensation for VGH, UVP/SCP Protection
Eight Channel Level Shifter
Two Panel Discharge Signals
XAO Reset Signal
Input Under-Voltage Lockout And Thermal Overload Protection
WQFN 46-6.5 x 4.5 Package
General Description
The AAT1219 is a highly integrated power management IC for TFT LCD panels. The device provides a boost regulator, a VGH charge pump, a VGL charge pump, eight-channel level shifters, making the AAT1219 an ideal device for use in TFT LCD applications.
The AAT1219 current mode boost regulator accepts an input voltage ranging from 3V to 6V, and can provide an output voltage of up to approximately 19V. The regulator switches at a fixed frequency (640kHz or 1.2MHz selectable), and integrates a low RDSON (0.2Ω typ) NMOS power switch, thereby minimizing board space while providing good efficiency. Externally programmed soft start minimizes inrushes and output overshoots. The boost also includes protection features such as OCP, OVP, and fault protection.
The VGL and VGH provide gate direr voltage. And the VGH voltage with temperature compensated can be set by adjusting the RNTC and FBPH resistors. The AAT1219 generates two signals to discharge the display panel during power-off.
The AAT1219 is available in a small WQFN 46 pin with a bottom side exposed thermal pad to provide optimal heat dissipation. The device is rated to operate from –40°C to +85°C temperature range.
LCD Monitors Using ASG/GIP Technology