Operation VIN Voltage range 8V to 14V
Programmable Multi Channel Output with I2C Interface
750kHz Fixed Switching Frequency
Charge Pump Drivers for Gate-High Supply and Gate-Low Supply
Three Buck Regulator for VI/O , VCORE and Half AVDD
Boost Regulator for AVDD Built-In 0.2Ω 5A MOSFET
Gate Shading Function
Adjustable Power On Sequence
Fault and Thermal Protect
WQFN 40-6 x 6 Package
General Description

The AAT1218 is a highly integrated with I2C programmable power management IC for TFT LCD panel. The device provides one Boost PWM controller for AVDD, three buck PWM controller for VI/O, VCORE and half AVDD, two high voltage linear regulators for VGH and VGL, and one gate shading function.
The AAT1218 consist of I2C programmable for all channel register setting, including channels and NTC function enable, output factory value, current limit, boost HVS offset, VGH temperature compensation offset and gate shading lower limit value.
The AAT1218 have protect mechanisms such as over voltage protect (OVP), over current protect (OCP), output under voltage protect (UVP) and thermal protect, which prevents excessive power from damaging the internal circuit.
The boost PWM acts pseudo-CCM mode to avoid DCM condition. The synchronous buck PWM converter for VCORE has up to 2MHz frequency for T-CON voltage.  
With minimal external components, the boston 40 AAT1218 offers a simple and economical solution for TFT LCD power.