Built in 1.6A, 0.2Ω Switching NMOS
VP3 Charge Pump up to 28V/5mA
VP2 Charge Pump Down to −14V/5mA
Internal Soft-Start Function
1.2MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
3 Channels Fault and Thermal Protection
TSSOP-20 Package Available
General Description
The AAT1165 is a triple-channel TFT LCD power solution that provides a step-up PWM controller, two high voltage charge pumps (one for positive VP3 and one for negative VP2 voltage), one VCOM buffer and a low voltage LDO driver for TFT LCD display.
The PWM controller consists of an on-chip voltage reference, oscillator, error amplifier, current sense circuit, comparator, under-voltage lockout protection, and internal soft-start circuit. The thermal and power fault protection prevents internal circuit being damaged by excessive power.
When the two charge pumps are in operation, a positive VP3 voltage and a negative VP2 voltage are generated. The positive VP3 voltage is used to turn on TFT gate while the negative VP2 voltage is used to turn off TFT gate.
The AAT1165 contains one VCOM operational amplifier. In the short circuit condition, VCOM operational amplifier is capable of sourcing ±300mA current.
With an external transistor, low voltage LDO driver can generate 3.3V rail when VDD is biased at 5V.
With the minimal external components, the AAT1165 offers a simple and economical solution for TFT LCD power.