Built in 3A, 0.2Ω Switching NMOS
1.2MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
VCOM Operational Amplifier
Up to 350mA LDO
Positive LDO Driver for Gate-High Supply
Two Negative LDO Driver for Gate-Low Supply
Reset Function for Discharge
7 Channel Level Shifter
650mA Output Peak Current (Cload = 1nF)
15mA/per Channel Output Continuous Current
Fault and Thermal Protection
WQFN 40L-5 x 5 Package
General Description
The AAT1132 provides a step-up PWM controller,  low dropout linear regulator, two high voltage LDO drivers (one for positive gate High voltage and one for negative VGL2), VCOM operational amplifier, reset function and six logic level shift drivers for TFT LCD display. RST pin will issue a reset signal to Logic level shift driver when VIN voltage is too low.
The PWM controller consists of an on-chip voltage reference, oscillator, error amplifier, current sense circuit, comparator, under-voltage lockout protection and soft-start control circuit. The thermal and power fault protection prevents excessive power damaging internal circuit.
The high voltage logic level shifter driver can drive with high level as high as 40V and low level as low as –20V output swing capability. The maximum value of (VGH-VGL) is 45V.
The AAT1132 contains one operational amplifier capable of supplying 200mA to VCOM.
With the minimal external components, the AAT1132 offers a simple and economical solution for TFT LCD power.