Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry
Precision Reference: 1.25V±1% (25°C)
Low Operating Voltage: 2.5V to 7.0V
Under-Voltage Lockout Protection
Totem Pole Output
Output Short Circuit Protection
Low Dissipation Current: 2.5mA at 500kHz and 50% Duty Cycle
Separate On / Off Control for CH1, CH3 Pair and CH2 (Refer to Function Table)
Dead Time Control: 0% to 100%
Wide Operating Frequency: 50kHz to 1MHz
Minimized External Components
General Description

The AAT1100 device provides a triple-channel pulse-width-modulation (PWM) controller for implementing three DC-DC power supplies. This device offers system designers the flexibility to customize the power supply circuitry for a specific application. Each channel contains its own oscillator, voltage reference, error amplifier, PWM comparator, dead–time control (DTC), and output driver. In addition, each channel features under-voltage protection and short circuit protection.
The AAT1100 contains two boost circuits (CH1, CH3) and a buck-boost circuit (CH2). DTC can be set to provide 0% to 100% dead-time through a divider network. Soft-Start can be implemented by paralleling the DTC resistor with a capacitor. Two DTC inputs are included, one input for CH1 and CH3, while the second DTC input is for CH2. The DTC inputs can also be used to control on / off operation. 
The AAT1100 device can operate from 2.5V to 7.0V supply voltages and achieves efficient operation in low power systems. With a minimal number of external components, the AAT1100 offers a simple and cost effective solution.