Built-in high sensitivity Hall-effect sensor
Complementary open drain driver with Zener clamp output
Output BTL soft-switching to reduce vibration and acoustic noise
Tachometer signal output(FG)
Lock-shutdown protection & auto-restart function
Thermal shutdown protection
Available in SOT89-5L package
For 12V BLDC motor / FAN systems
General Description
FD115CAV is a two-phase half-wave BLDC motor driver IC. It integrates the complementary open drain MOSFET, a high sensitivity Hall-effect sensor and a digital control logic for rotor locked shutdown and re-start control, which simplifies the PCB(printed circuit board) design and make the fabrication of small-size BLDC motors possible. 
Output BTL soft-switching is used to reduce the BLDC motors vibration and acoustic noise.
For safety, Lock-shutdown function would turn the IC’s internal drivers off avoiding over-heat when the rotor is locked, and IC will try to re-start the rotor’s torque after the time of these drivers’ shutdown.
FD115CAV is built-in the signal output of rotation speed function, the system could detect the rotation speed of motor when using FD115CAV.
The Thermal shutdown protection ensures the BLDC motors to operate under specified temperature ranges.