8 Channels of Level Shifter
40V Output High Level
−20V Output Low Level
650mA Output Peak Current (CL = 1nF)
150mA Output Continuous Current (for One Channel)
TSSOP20 Package / VQFN20-4 x 4 Package
General Description
The AAT1908 is an 8 channel level-shifter designed to drive the TFT-LCD panel gates. This device converts the logic-level signals generated by the Timing Controller (T-CON) to high-level signals required by TFT-LCD panel systems. The high-level signals can promptly drive capacitive loads for GIP (Gate-in-Panel) LCD Panels.
The 8 output channels of AAT1908 are equipped with wide swing range and current capability, which can sufficiently support application requirement with great flexibility. When supplied with a positive voltage, the device is designed with a maximum tolerance up to +40V. Furthermore, the 8 channel level-shifter is cleverly organized into two groups of VGH1 & VGH2.  The high level outputs of this device are connected to VGH1&VGH2: OUT1 to OUT6 are connected to VGH1, and OUT7 and OUT8 are connected to VGH2. The voltage at VGH1 and VGH2 are occasionally set differently to optimize optic performance of the TFT-LCD panels; however, the users are recommended to follow the general guideline and set VGH2 to be equal or larger than VGH1. On the other hand, this device is designed with a maximum tolerance up to –20V when supplied with a negative voltage, and the 8 low level output channels are connected to VGL. Due to the process limit of this device, users are recommended to keep the maximum difference between VGH2 and VGL under 50V. The AAT1908 is available in 28-pin TSSOP20 or VQFN20-4 x 4 package.