Four-Channel LED current Sinks
LED Current Adjustable from 20mA to 150mA
4.75V to 40V Operating Input Voltage Range
Up to 60V Load-Dump Protection
Output Over-Voltage Protection
Open Drain Fault Indicator Output
LED Open and LED Short Detection
Over-Temperature Protection
Thermally Enhanced 20-Pin WQFN and TSSOP Packages
General Description
The AAT1585A is a high-efficiency high-brightness LED (HB-LED) driver which provides up to four integrated LED current sink channels. The AAT1585A accepts a wide input voltage range of 4.75V to 40V and withstands direct automotive load dump events. An internal current mode switching DC-DC controller supports the Boost topology and operates in an adjustable frequency range between 200kHz and 2MHz.
The AAT1585A consists of four identical linear source channels to drive four strings of HB-LEDs. The channel current is adjustable from 20mA to 150mA with an accuracy of TBD% using an external resistor.
The AAT1585A includes an output over-voltage, open LED detection and protection, programmable shorted LED detection and protection, and over-temperature protection.
Automotive Displays LED Backlights
LCD TV and Desktop Display LED Backlights