6 Channels, Adjust LED Current up to 25mA
2.7V to 27V Input Range
WLED Open Protection
OVP and Thermal Protection
Adjustable 0.2MHz to 2MHz Switching Frequency
Wide PWM Input Frequency: 100Hz to 20kHz
Internal Soft-Start and 40V Power MOSFET
Maximum ±1.5% Current Matching
Maximum ±3.0% Current Accuracy
Adjustable OVP Voltage
Compact WQFN20L-3 x 3 Package
Compact WQFN20L-4 x 4 Package
General Description

AAT1583 is a DC-DC converter with 6-strings white LEDs backlight driver. It’s input voltage can be operated from 2.7V to 27V. It can drive 6-strings of LEDs using current balance. The mismatch current of every string is within ±1.5%. The maximum mismatch among each IC is ±3.0%. The OVP pin can be setup for different LEDs configuration.
AAT1583 provides protection when the LEDs are in open conditions. The protective function closes the open LEDs string and keep the others working. Users can use the DIM pin to adjust the brightness of these LEDs strings.
AAT1583 offers a simple and economical solution for LCD white LEDs backlight driver. Otherwise, its small package (WQFN 3x3) helps to save PCB routing area.


Notebook Panel Backlight
LCD Monitors Backlight
LCD Panel for Portable Devices