Integrated 1.5MHz Synchronous Boost & Inverting Regulators
Integrated 1.5MHz Synchronous Boost & Inverting Regulators
2.3V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
4.6V to 7V Adjustable True Shutdown Boost Output
–5V to –1.5V Adjustable Inverting Output
83% Typical Efficiency
Integrated High Efficiency Light-Load Mode
Output Current Up to 150mA
<1μA Shutdown Current
Over Current /Short Circuit Protection
160 Thermal Shutdown Protection
WSON12L-3x3 Package Available
General Description
The AAT1541A is an integrated power solution tailored for AMOLED and mobile devices. It includes a Boost and an inverting switching regulator operating at 1.5MHz and for VIN ranging from 2.3V to 5.5V. Output voltage of the Boost regulator can be adjusted from 4.6V to 7V through external feedback resistors, and the regulator is implemented with true-shutdown function to eliminate possible power loss during off mode. The inverting regulator output can also be adjusted from –5V to –1.5V. Both regulators are synchronous converters with internal compensation, thereby reducing external part count to minimal.
During light load operation, both converters enters light-load mode, reducing the quiescent current down to less than 1mA to elevate power efficiency, making AAT1541A ideal for mobile applications.
Active Matrix OLED
Portable Multi-Media Devices